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Warren Sembaliuk

West Central High School
Head of Mathematics
Rocky Mountain House
I graduated from the U of A in April 1994 with a major in mathematics and a minor in general science. I began teaching in a K-12 school in the town of Edgerton in East Central Alberta. I taught there for three years. In the summer of 1998 I moved to Rocky Mountain House. In September of 2005 we moved into our brand new building named West Central High School.
In August of 2008 I was blessed with the birth of my daughter Stephanie and this gave me a new outlook on learning and helping others learn.
I have taught for 22 years and in that time I have participated in item writing for diploma exams, marking of diploma exams, technical review committees for diploma exams, standards setting, standards confirming, curriculum development for the current WNCP math program, and I have taught all levels of math from grade 7 to Math 31.
Some of my favorite math authors are: Dr. James Tanton Ph. D of mathematics, Dr. Jo Boaler Professor of Math Education at Stanford University, and Dr. Alan Shoenfeld Professor of Math Learning at the University of California Berkley.
I want to help students: think, ask questions, try to answer problems, get answers wrong, talk to each other or with me, think about what they did, revise their conjecture or hypothesis and then try again. I want them to take chances and see math and find the beauty of math. I want students to be confident in learning, using, applying and talking about math rather than being fearful of it. I want to change their outlook of math, how they learn math and of how they use math.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, February 23

9:00am MST