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Susan Agrios

Agrios Mindfitness
Edmonton, Alberta
Described as “inspirational, passionate & changing lives”, Susan Agrios teaches and guides thousands of people from all corners of the world on their fitness, yoga and mindfulness journeys. As the founder & CEO of AGRIOS MINDFITNESS (Mindfulness + Fitness), Susan gives kids, teens and adults tools to lead healthier lives. The positive physical, mental, emotional and social results are profound.

A former K-12 school teacher, Susan saw her young students were stressed and anxious. Others had problems staying focused. Some were being bullied. Her teacher colleagues were taking leaves because of burnout. Susan wanted to help. She knew she had to do something. That was the spark. From it came beKIND Mindfulness Kits, Trainings and School Assemblies for teachers and students. Today, Susan’s programs open the door for everyone to explore their mind-body connections. They learn new skills to relax, reduce stress, self-regulate thoughts and emotions and improve concentration. Her innovative beKIND Mindfulness and beGRATEFUL School Assemblies make a measurably positive difference in schools.

In 2016, Susan launched the first ever in Canada beKIND Mindfitness Triathlons in Schools. beKIND turned into an International Movement. spreading across Canada into the USA, Europe, Asia and South America with over 2000 people taking her beKIND Mindfulness Trainings and over 20,000 kids, teens and adults taking the beKIND Mindfulness Challenge. Are you next?