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Susan Agrios

Agrios Mindfitness
Edmonton, Alberta
Described as “inspirational, passionate & changing lives”, Susan Agrios leads retreats & teaches thousands around the world about fitness, yoga & mindfulness. She created MINDFITNESS (Mindfulness + Fitness) which focuses on giving kids, teens and adults self-regulating tools to lead healthier lives physically, emotionally, socially and mentally. Susan is the founder & CEO of AGRIOS MINDFITNESS. She is extremely in tune with the physical body being a multi-sport world medalist and world record holder with more than 2 decades of experience as a fitness trainer. Working with both the mind and body her approach to training is unique with her signature sessions: MINDFITNESS Boot Camps and Mental Toughness Trainings. What makes her one of a kind is she is also an Internationally Certified Level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher with advanced training in Yoga Nidra making her North America's only fitness trainer to have completed these certifications. Susan is a former K-12 Schoolteacher. Her students as young as 7 and 8 years old were telling her they were stressed and anxious while others were having problems concentrating, staying focused and they were being bullied. As well, some of her teacher colleagues were taking leaves of absence as they were burnt out. She wanted to do something. She wanted to help. This led to Susan creating beKIND Mindfulness Kits & Trainings as well as MINDFITNESS Breaks giving participants the opportunity to explore the mind body connection, learn new skills to improve fitness, concentration, relax, reduce stress and self-regulate thoughts and emotions.Her innovative beKIND Mindfulness and beGRATEFUL School Assemblies are extremely popular with schools.In 2016 she launched the first ever in Canada beKIND Mindfitness Triathlons to thousands of students and teachers in schools incorporating fitness, yoga and the beKIND Mindfulness Challenge (people say or do something KIND for somebody). This turned into a Movement which is now known as the beKIND Mindfulness Movement. beKIND has spread across Canada into the USA, Europe, Asia & South America with over 2000 people taking her beKIND Mindfulness Trainings & over 18 000 kids, teens and adults taking the beKIND Mindfulness Challenge. Will you be the next?
The beKIND Mindfulness Kit downloads are available online at agriosmindfitness.com store.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, February 23

9:00am MST

Calm Classroom: Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques for Stressed Out Teachers and Students 2901BSusan Agrios

10:45am MST

12:30pm MST