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Jane Gannon

Gannon Consulting
Owner/Educational Math Consultant
I have been working in the education field of mathematics for over 17 years. My experience spans all four divisions, including classroom teaching, developing, writing, and editing mathematical resources for distance learning, teaching math at the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Education, and offering math consulting services to teachers, leadership staff, and parents.

Math education is so much more than the stand and deliver, drill and kill, and mad-minute styles of instruction. Rather than building a generation of learners who take pride in admitting they are no good at math, I believe educators can help change the narrative to one where students appreciate and are excited about math. Math is beautiful, math is relevant, math is everywhere, and experiencing mathematical success is necessary and possible for all. Success for all begins with changes to teacher thinking and the development of a broader range of instructional and assessment skills and strategies aimed at meeting the needs of even more students in an ever-changing world.

One of my greatest challenges, and successes, has been helping future elementary school teachers learn how to teach math to students, for students, with a careful alignment to curricular outcomes and processes. I have grown accustomed to the ‘deer caught in headlights’ look on day one of the semester. Most students begin the course hating math, unable to do math (or so they say), and terrified of teaching it. These same students leave 13 weeks later, inspired and confident they can do and teach math better than the way in which they were taught.

How this happens is what I am now sharing with in-service teachers in an effort to provide them with the math professional development they need and crave. I help teachers do and think about math, its instruction, and its assessment differently. Through curriculum exploration, task evaluation, collaboration, critical analysis of existing resources, and recognition that others see and do math differently, teachers are gaining confidence in their ability to deliver quality instruction to a wider range of learners in a manner supported by current pedagogical research.

In recognition of the important role parents play in the education process, I also offer parent workshops and family math nights that help dispel the myths of the ‘new math’. I get parents (and children) actively doing math, just as their children are doing in the classroom. The result is a stronger partnership between home and school, and less obstruction to the learning process (fewer parents teaching it ‘their way’ instead).

I hold a Bachelor of Education, with a math major, and a Master of Education in Leadership and School Improvement, with a focus on Assessment for Learning in mathematics.