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Greg Hunter

Greg Hunter taught Science in Alberta for 30 years. His talks promote a more scientific approach to understanding and teaching History; that is one with a regard for Evidence and Reason and a vigilance against Dogma and Bias “Greg's talks are multi-media extravaganzas that challenge teachers—and all of us—to never assume that received narratives are necessarily true. Such skepticism is the basis of real democracy... This is a marvelous, wonderfully imaginative way of putting all this material together” - Adam Hochschild, Professor at UC Berkeley and author 'King Leopold's Ghost' - "Of the 100+ speakers The Centre for Global Education host every year, Greg Hunter is among the best." - Terry Godwalt, director. “Besides the human gyroscope ride, your seminar was the most fun I had at the Convention.” Dr. Tom Angelakis, Office of the Superintendent, CBE. “What I particularly enjoyed was that this session not only described history but explained it. It made sense out of what I already knew and what I learned”; “, “It was a great talk but I think I’ll feel the bruises for quite awhile” reviewers Calgary Teachers Convention. “This is my first year teaching Social Studies, I didn’t know about these things? Do others?”, “I appreciated how effectively he used the Socratic method.” GETCA participants.