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We at CDI Spaces like to help with designing your classroom so it is attractive and functional. When designing we like to consider grade/age level appropriateness, the type of classroom activities you will be implementing, and your particular style. For example, we consider the various areas of the classroom and design those areas for use in a variety of activities. The physical aspects of your room include room arrangement, seating and whiteboard displays, and physical climate. Each of these should be carefully considered with both individual students’ needs and instructional goals in mind.

The Student-Centered Classroom concept from CDI Spaces features a classroom environment suited for all learning styles as well as the desired teaching style of the educator.
Dynamic, collaborative and focused areas of the classroom – Studies have determined the best design for a Student-Centered Classroom is to incorporate flow where the more dynamic students don’t interfere with the learning experience of the focused learner who requires their own space and fewer distractions.
Whether you are replacing a few chairs and desks or outfitting an entire school, how can you be sure to choose the right furniture?
When answering this question, we at CDI Spaces recognize that furniture needs and preferences can vary significantly depending on the environment within the classroom. That's why we encourage you to begin your selection process by identifying the needs in the classroom. Let CDI Spaces design your space.