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Thursday, February 23

9:00am MST

RDC As A Polytechnic University 1328Joel Ward Visual Behaviours in the Classroom 2905Tedra Kindopp Flipped Classes - When it Works and When it Doesn't 2305Stephanie Powers Free Technology for your CTS Natural Resources Cluster - The NEW Alberta Tomorrow Citizen Science and Simulation App 2303Jennifer Janzen Tips and Tricks to incorporate Google Classroom into your teaching routine 1303Michael Zhang Strategies for Managing Anxiety in the Classroom Margaret Parsons TheatreTammy Auden-Dye Original Freedom Writer Main Stage-Arts CenterManny Scott 10 Outstanding Ways to Involve your Students in Assessment 2006F LIBRARYMichele Jones Teacher and Administrator Exchanges 2304Carolyn Freed Calm Classroom: Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques for Stressed Out Teachers and Students 2901BSusan Agrios Cool Tools for Schools 2906Suzanne Annable Google Classroom - Just starting 2602Gilles Theriault Bear Necessities of Writing 913BDebbie Quick Fall in LOVE with Phonemic Awareness Upstairs Learning CommonsLana Lane Writing Fiction to Save the World 1437James Davidge Making Additive Thinking Accessible to All (K-3) 1408Sandi Berg They Should Know This! - Math Remedies for Grades 4 to 8 1439John Felling Super Fun Lessons for K-2 Music Classes 2600Denise Gagne Your Pension Matters 2501Linda Lau The General Play Skills (GPS) Program - Developing Physical Literacy Through Play Studio DTracy Lockwood Totally Tubular Studio A-Arts CenterChar Andrew Develop Inquiry and Problem-solving Skills Using Children's Literature B501Candace Beaton Advancing Reconciliation 1600Chelsea Burke Sleight of Hand, Sleight of Mind ... breaking the spell for war 2402Greg Hunter Virtual Reality Without Technology: Simulation Activities 2301Robin E Pawlak Fabulous File Folder Journal 2401sally tower-sybblis Fashion Illustration Drawing for Everyone! 2505Izabella Orzelski Looking Beyond the Behaviour:Supporting Students with High Functioing ASD and ADHD 2503Melissa Miller Through Autism Glasses B505Kitty Parlby Love Teaching, but I Hate Feeling Overwhelmed and STRESSED OUT? 2205Joyce Sunada Teaching Sexual Health with Confidence! 2302Nicole Brouwer Using We Video in the classroom 1435Terry Lakey The Blanket Excercise Studio BCrystal Clark • Andrea Fletcher Teachers as Story Catchers In the Studio Classroom – Making Literacy Learning Visible 1503Paula Matikainen and Sheryl Schoenthaler Thinking Inside The Box 2404Warren Sembaliuk Taking the Can't Out of Cantor 2601Angie McGillivray Tower Garden - Growing Young Minds ForumAmanda Gefle Process-Based Learning: Authentic Learning Through Design 1504Thomas Currie • Matthew Virdaeus

10:45am MST

Coaching to Support Inclusion 2905Jeff Johnson The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Revisiting Rubrics 2006F LIBRARYMichele Jones The Houses that We Built 1439DANICA MARTIN How to save time grading written assignments in Google Docs 1303Michael Zhang Issues in the Middle years 913AJulia Rheume Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) 1600Robert Reid Literacy in the Content Areas 913BDebbie Quick Drama Across the Curriculum 2301Robin E Pawlak Trust and Go: The Gifts of Improv 2305Derrique DeGagne Original Freedom Writer Main Stage-Arts CenterManny Scott Burnt! How to feel less fried by the end of the day 2304Laurel Vespi Continuing ASEBP Benefits into Retirement 2600Mellisa Spencer Learn How To Meditate Workshop for Teachers: It Starts With You 2901BSusan Agrios Google Cardboard Vitual Reality 2602Gilles Theriault Are You Cut Out To Teach FLUENCY? Upstairs Learning CommonsLana Lane The Power of Story 1408Sigmund Brouwer Writing Graphic Novel Manuscripts 1328James Davidge Mad About Fractions - Part TWO! 1437Jane Gannon Shake Up Your K-3 Math Margaret Parsons TheatreJohn Felling ATRF and My Retirement Plan 2501Ryan Metzger • Bill Musselman Gliding DISC's Studio A-Arts CenterChar Andrew Let's Play! Engaging ALL Students in Physical Activity Studio DBrandi Heather • Tracy Lockwood Develop Inquiring Minds through Science B501Candace Beaton Sleight of Hand, Sleight of Mind...the subtleties of Canadian War Propaganda 2402Greg Hunter Social Studies 9 2906Suzanne Annable Authentic Worship | understanding & teaching the connection between worship & purity 2303

12:30pm MST

Bridging the Gap: Preparing Students for University Courses at RDC 2305Bryan Rowsell Hey, Leaders! Formative Assessment isn’t Just for Kids! 2006F LIBRARYMichele Jones I’m Sorry, What Did You Say? | learning how to listen in the centre of the noise 1328 Junior Achievement Programs: Fulfilling Your Curriculum Goals 2906Stephanie Jones Visual Journaling: Teaching Curriculum through the Arts B505Jessica Lysak Teach CTF in Environmental Stewardship with Ready-to-Go Curriculum 1439Stephanie Southgate Everybody Present: Reducing Distraction and Anxiety in the Classroom 2304Laurel Vespi Supporting Self Regulation in the Classroom 2501Tammy Auden-Dye Musical Theatre Bootcamp 1600Laura Burdett Rethinking Rewards and Awards in Schools Main Stage-Arts CenterChris Wejr REVISED: Hot Topic What You Need to Know About the New Quality Standards 2905Jeff Johnson Essential Oil Education 2303Cort Roszell Kids Yoga: Embrace Your Inner Child AC148Crystal Noble Let's Talk About Student Stress 2205Mary Eggleton Outdoor Play in the Early Years - Connections for learning, personal well-being and nature 2301Kathy Worobec TIME OUT Mindfitness Triathlon with 40 Day Mindfulness Challenge 2901BSusan Agrios Breakout EDU 2602Colin Christensen Pros, cons, and how to record lessons to YouTube 1303Michael Zhang Bring the Battle of Vimy Ridge Into Elementary Classrooms with Age-Appropriate Resources 1408Sigmund Brouwer From Keats to Beats: Exploring Poetry from Iambic to Instagramic 1503Miranda Krogstad How To Teach VOCABULARY Better Than Anyone Else Upstairs Learning CommonsLana Lane a, b, c, d,... Math Assessment Done Differently! 1437Jane Gannon Super Fun Lessons for Gr. 3-6 Music Classes 2601Denise Gagne DANCEPL3Y (dance-play) - Developing Physical Literacy Through Dance Studio DTracy Lockwood A Forest in the Palm in Your Hand: 21st Century Learners and Forest Education B501Andre Morson • Laura Pekkola Experiential Learning - Projects to Engage 2600Diane Webb Art Therapy Tiles 2401sally Towers-Sybblis Fun-generating Drawing Techniques: Stippling and Scratching 2505Izabella Orzelski Developing Classroom Experiments: how to create meaningful class activities that allow students to touch and feel what you are trying to teach them 1435Stephanie Powers Understanding and Managing Children’s Problematic Sexual Behaviour in School Settings 2302David Williamson • Katarina Zunjic Tap into your strengths 2503Renee Joslin • Shannon Kearney TGIF Math Games - Thank Goodness It's Fun! Margaret Parsons TheatreJohn Felling Teach the Teacher Curling Michener Hill Curling ClubFULLJoel Carlos Reexamining 'Munich 1938'… the geopolitics, the parable, and the echoes 2402Greg Hunter

2:15pm MST

3:45pm MST

Friday, February 24

9:30am MST

1:45pm MST